Phone-Distance Sessions -Monthly Plan

Meet with Jenna via Phone for biweekly or weekly phone sessions.  Somatic Therapy, Bio-Field Tuning, Distance Osteopathy, Spiritual Advisor of sorts. One client just says..."She's a wizard, I honestly don't know how to describe what she does, I just show up every week and magic happens in my life. I find myself happier, lighter, healthier, and with people that I really enjoy surrounding me." 

The Monthly plan is a 3-month commitment to begin.

You will be supported in ways you never thought possible.  See your life clearly, move in the direction of that which you are truly aligned to.

The 2-hour session... sometimes 3-hours 

Advanced Bodywork along with Somatic Therapy offers an opportunity to learn how to access deep rest, receptivity, and revitalization of your body-mind system.

Current pain syndromes are focused on, providing a process of attaining freedom and lightness in your body-mind.  Each session builds rapport within the intuitive and informed aspects of one's essential self.

World-class intuitive bodywork!

Specializing in pain, anxiety, stress, personal growth, abuse/trauma history, and those who need sincere safe touch. Most clients prefer a natural blend of styles which allows for their unique needs to be addressed in each moment. Within each session, a diverse set of techniques will be synthesized into your unique healing experience.




Investing in your vitality: