Hear what clients are saying about their experiences with Jenna. 
Notice that the words and descriptions match, echo, and parallel what they hold within. 

"Two things:

1. I’ve never in my life been inspired to use the term “role model” for anyone, and I always froze when I was asked about mine. But last night while I integrated... that word floated up. It’s your confidence. I was feeling the looseness and recalling your saying how I’d feel. So on the nose. And it reminded me of when you proposed coaching. Via phone. I thought “not for me” and as I read, your next words caught me off guard. You said, "I know it will be helpful and supportive for you". Your confidence doesn’t feel arrogant or off-putting, but you’re not containing yourself or making Jenna small.

It’s refreshing and intriguing and just right. I didn’t even know I needed that example.


2. Over time, I’ve noticed my stony exterior soften. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes my body realizing (w/out my awareness) that it’s not current and no longer needs that strategy. With you...you really melt the shell. Even when I don't know what to say or when there’s a distinct willingness to share...anything really. A perfect example is how you instantly noticed my resistance to the last antidote. That’s not common. I usually have a cool, unreadable exterior - especially when it comes to vulnerability. Thanks for making me feel safe and at ease. So at ease. Seriously your lightness is amazing; I think I’m about to say the worst thing or have an undesired emotional reaction, but it’s just...it’s okay with you."

CM, Seattle, WA

"Absolutely Beautiful and Amazing Massage! And, before I say that it was quite possibly the best massage I have ever received in my life, let me preface that by saying that I am a licensed massage therapist, a massage therapy instructor and that I have personally hired over 100 massage therapists (getting massages from each one before I hire them)....and the massage that I received from Jenna was quite possibly the best massage I have ever received in my life. Words are not going to do her work justice, but I can say that Jenna made me feel incredible. She has a very intuitive sense of touch as well as a highly tuned awareness of energy and emotions.  She seemed to know exactly what I needed from a therapeutic standpoint and in terms of being nurtured as well. She gave me some of the deepest abdominal work I have ever received and then immediately followed that up with some incredible relaxation work. It was truly a magical experience....Jenna is a true healer and comforter.  Absolutely the most in-touch and in -tune of any CMT I have seen."      
JOE LAVIN, Massage Teacher and massage establishment owner.  Seattle, WA.
"I can say without a doubt there is nobody else like Jenna. I've never experienced anything like what just happened.  This was not a drive-thru one size fits all massage, she had a reason for every single thing she did to me. She cares about helping you and it's more than obvious she puts all of herself into her work.
I really have no words to describe how I feel right now." 
J.K. Goleta, Ca
"My neck feels like a new. My goodness…my entire body feels…like the emotional and energetic melting that happens with you over our phone sessions was just made physical. Even breathing feels different - my spine and other bones don’t feel like they’re cracking and being forced to make space for breath."
CMW, Seattle, WA.
"I found Jenna on Yelp and trusted my gut and the reviews. The reviews do not do her justice.  If you want a massage that heals - Jenna is for you. I fly in from Chicago just to see her.
K.K. Chicago, IL

"I received many sessions from Jenna.  The experience has been very transformative.  Now that I have started to live in alignment with who I truly am, I have noticed people complimenting me more and I also feel more comfortable in my skin."  



"Jenna is a gem.  She is intuitive, non-assuming, playful and made me feel supported, comfortable and yet also helped me break out of my old habits.  She also has a command and mastery of her subjects and how they help support the essence of who we are."  



"If you are starting a new business, want to excel in your profession, attract healthy supportive friends and partnership into your life, working with Jenna can be hugely transformative."  



"Collaborating with Jenna assisted me to see my unique beauty and how to care for it!  Each time we get together, I walk away with more ideas that apply to how I, not only dress my unique beauty but also how to see through the lens of who I truly am.  Jenna is confident, passionate and well versed in her work and is a joy to be with!"

S.M. Ashville, NC


"Jenna's Elements bodywork, coaching and Profiling Systems helps us more deeply attune to our core truth. During my session, Jenna asked insightful questions that truly brought out my soul's light.  Jenna's seeing of the "soft fire" at the heart of my emanation, brought out a much-appreciated call to more deeply embrace my strong vulnerability and gentleness. Jenna is a gifted facilitator and I heartily recommend her inspired work to anyone wanting to live in greater harmony with who we naturally are." 

NG, intuitive healer, SB, Ca.