Jenna is an alchemist whose focus is turning her clients’ limiting patterns into pure, usable life force.


  Meet  Jenna  and  Jasper

With a specialization in trauma repatterning, Jenna has spent her lifetime guiding bodies to transmute the energy of pain into ease, the energy of disconnection into embodiment, and the energy of injury into wholeness.


 To be in the presence of Jenna is to experience someone who inhabits her body fully and with great love. It is through her commitment to freedom of the heart's truth, movement, and embodiment practices that she has liberated herself from her own history of trauma.


Her path as a body whisperer began early and speaks to her deep resourcefulness and relationship to aliveness.

At the age of eight, she began to break free from her family’s lineage of pain and suffering by teaching herself yoga. In spite of the adversity in her home life, she developed a daily practice that sustained her until she was old enough to truly follow her innate impulses.

That innate determination and resourcefulness soon carried her into her soul’s purpose as a healer. As a single mother of a 2-year-old son, Jenna discovered the healing power in her hands and heart when she found herself in Mexico with no money, diapers, or food. 


Jenna has logged thousands of hours of formal education in the healing arts, including Watsu and Waterdance, Integrative Somatic Therapy skills, Range of Motion Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Holistic Pelvic Care, Phenomenal Touch, Biofield Tuning, Hendricks Institue Coaching, Luminous Body Intuitive Institute and much more. Through the integration of all she’s studied along with the time in discovery with 1000's of individuals in her care, she offers a fresh, leading-edge, and ever-evolving modality that is malleable enough to perfectly support the unique needs of each client.


She sees the body and bio-field as a map, a spiritual guide speaking to us in symbology.  With the willingness to listen and follow that map, she feels it is possible to find clues that will help us know and care for ourselves on a deeper, more sustained level.


Jenna is a mother of a 24-year amazing young man who she adores and is extremely proud of.  She's a dancer, color and design consultant, singer-songwriter, lover of life, and an ever-evolving practitioner of wholeness who is also reclaiming her own, radiant and essential nature on a daily basis...practice is the key. Her hardships have brought forth character, and the bright light of her work comes from the fanned embers of constant re-creation and re-birth. 


Her offering is that of true intimacy between soul and body, body and heart so that her clients can trust the inevitable transitions of life with greater ease and grace. 


When necessary, she has the wisdom to reframe the challenges present in her clients’ lives so they can make a gentle yet powerful switch in directionality. She loves to help mothers with pre-and post-partum healing, to assist men to be more present and embodied in their relationships, and to support people to evolve in this amazing life with greater efficiency and joy. How?.. you say...See Jenna's Offerings.